Homebuilding options for new clients in Dayton, Ohio

Our main focus is to provide a seamless process for the entire homebuilding experience for all of our clients in Dayton, Ohio. The way we accomplish this goal is through strategic steps along the way to ensure all details are covered.

Three main stages for the new construction process with Beaver-Vu Construction as your homebuilder

image of plans for the residential construction project

The Plan and Development Stage

The Plan and Development stage is the most crucial step in the homebuilding process for all clients. This is where we will evaluate the building lot, blueprints and infrastructure of the new residence. Most clients will not have all three of these factors available at initial discussion, our company can assist with all three items or each independently. There are resources in which we can locate vacant building lots to accommodate the size and style of your new dream home. The floor plan of your new residence can change and modify several different times during this process which can cause some confusion, which is a common issue. The availability of our existing blueprints, various social media outlets and client inspirations will allow us to collaborate all into one to produce a floor plan that meets your vision along with functionality. The final part is the design and layout of the inner workings of the new residence itself. The location of all electric openings, HVAC sizes and locations, plumbing locations, data ports, home audio/visual.

The Construction Implementation Stage

The Construction Implementation stage is where all of the effort spent in the development stage is placed into action during the building process. Our clients’ ideas and plans come to life from a two- dimensional set of drawings to an actual three-dimensional structure on the selected building site. Although this may be the longest phase of the process, it will also be the most rewarding for the client watching a dream home come together and knowing they were an integral part. Clients can enjoy walking through the new residence and viewing all of the infrastructure in place ensuring that all details are correct. Our daily on-site supervision adds a second set of eyes to the project to ensure all options are included and discuss any unforeseen details that may arise.

image of construction workers working on residential construction project
image of a finished house

The Project Completion Stage

The Project Completion stage is where the entire construction implementation stage is complete on interior/exterior of new residence. Clients now will have the chance to look back through all three stages and admire how an idea went from paper to a forever dream home for their family. We walk through each new residence once complete with all of our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction with the processes and products that were chosen.

Ready To Start A New Project?

Beaver-Vu Construction takes great pride in the opportunity in assisting families building their dream home. Contact our construction office to explore all of our new home building options that are available to customers.

We serve the southwest Ohio areas of Dayton, Kettering, Oakwood, Beavercreek, Centerville, Waynesville, Fairborn, Xenia, Yellow Springs, Oregon District and Miamisburg.

Commonly Questions regarding residential construction in Dayton, Ohio


Do you have existing blueprints or floor plans available to review?


There are various options available when it comes to viewing floor plans and blueprints. All of our past projects are available to view and utilize as a resource. Also, there are multiple online resources and social media platforms that offer ideas, images and inspirations to aid in blueprint creation for a new residence. Clients currently are taking small bits from several different areas, as stated, and we will try to merge all of them together into one medium. This approach allows our clients to evaluate almost every aspect before blueprints are created and the homebuilding process is put into action.


How long does building a Dayton area home take?


Most of our timelines are established and based solely on the scope of the project. Building a home in the Dayton metro area is multifaceted which means all phases need to be evaluated to understand what will go in to complete each directive that a client may request. That being said, we cannot give just a general estimate for build times, but would rather examine every set of plans independently giving our clients the most accurate information.


Is there financing available?


We offer some financing options on smaller projects if needed. Our company has several resources and contacts within a variety of financial institutions. These representatives can aid in not only helping to secure financing, but to also act as an advisor to ensure the loan is correct to meet needs.


Are there customer references available?


Yes. We are fortunate to have access to our past clients in which they were willing to provide feedback along with references. Our new potential clients will have the option to call/email each reference where they can ask questions on a variety of topics in relation to the building process. Also, new potential clients will have an option to view and walk through homes in which references reside in.


How do we get started with building a home in Dayton or its surrounding areas?


There are some main pieces of information that will be needed to help our company accomplish a new potential client’s goal. New residential construction or major renovations, in the Dayton area, need to have similar requirements: design, budget, timelines. Once contact has been made, we will establish a way to speak in person, a phone call or virtual meeting to go over those three main points in a detailed manner. These preliminary meetings are crucial because it acts as an interview process for both parties to ensure cohesiveness. This is where all details can be discussed on an in-depth basis and give feedback on current and future steps to help the process to keep moving forward.